Professional of extra fine line spring

We coil the smallest spring in the world. Placing a special emphasis on the stable repeatability.

For the good of customers and society, our goal is to be a technical expert group in the field of fine spring manufacturing, having a strong will to keep challenging to make impossible possible.

We are very glad to announce that Ocean’s Corporation was established in Feb. 2009.
For ten years, I, Atsushi Akagi, have been engaged in planning and selling springs to probe pin manufacturers, electronic parts manufactures and medical-device manufacturers in Japan and overseas. During the last phase of my previous career, I also worked as a member of R&D team,
and was involved in studying materials and manufacturing processes of fine springs.
I decided to begin the business, to keep challenging to myself utilizing my rich experiences in prototype tests of the fine springs, which are considered as difficult products to handle in the industry. I would like to work even harder than ever to satisfy your needs.

Material Lineup

We have stocks of all products, diameter sizes at every 0.005mm.
We immediately respond to your any needs including sample requests.

Spring for contact probe Spring for medical device

Spring for contact probe Spring for medical device

Main Facilities

@Coiling machine for the smallest fine spring
Coiling machine for the smallest fine spring
AAutomatic load test and resistance test machine
Automatic load test and resistance test machine
BMeasuring microscope
Measuring microscope

CEndurance test machine
DHeating machine for spring
EQuantity measuring machine for fine spring

Company's outline

Company's outline

Description of Business Manufacturing and distribution of the smallest fine springs.
Assembly and distribution of the electronic parts.
Representative Diector, 

Atsushi Akagi

Employee Number


Capital 4,000,000JPY
Bank of Account Nagano Bank
Location 1381-2, miyagawa, Chino, Nagano,
391-0013, Japan
TEL +81-266-75-2890
FAX +81-266-75-2895

Organization chart


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Saturday, Sunday, and holiday
Business hours→9:00〜18:00
Regular holiday→Saturday, Sunday, and holiday
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